Baby shower
Name race game

Choosing just the right name for a baby has been a conundrum for families from the first time a cave mother decided that she couldn’t name another child “Og.” Today, parents have literally thousands of names to choose from, but how many can your baby shower guests name? This game will test your guests baby naming skills and determine the Name Champion!

Make sure that you have a game sheet for each player as well as a pen and a hard surface for writing. Set a time limit. The shorter the better for this game! So set your timer for only one or two minutes. Ask your guests to write down as many names as possible in the playing time.

When the timer goes off, they are done.

There are several different ways to determine a winner. You can offer a prize to anyone who has completely filled in the sheet. But be ready, because even with only one minute, you will probably have several winners.

But there is another way to “score” the sheets. You start by having your guests read the names they have written down. If anyone else has the same name for a letter, then everyone with that name crosses it out and they don’t get a point for that name. If you choose this route, explain that people need to think of unique names and explain the scoring before game. If you choose this way to play, you will probably have only one or two winners at most.

You can choose to offer a prize that goes with the theme of your shower, or you can choose something that goes uniquely with this game. For example, you might want to offer vinyl stick-on letters that your guest can use to personalize their phone, or a gift card to pick up a travel mug with their name or initials.

Baby shower
Word scramble game

How good are you at unscrambling words? Are your guests better or worse than you? This Scrambled Word Game can test you and your guests’ ability to figure out these baby words.

To play the game, you will need a sheet for each of your guests. You will also need a pen and a sturdy place to write. If all of your guests are at a table, that works. If you don’t have a table surface for every guest, round up enough clip boards so that each guest has something to write on. You will also need writing implements. For this game, pencils might work better than pens because your guests might need to erase once or twice before they get the word correct.

You will need a timer for this game as well. This ensures that it doesn’t take up too much of your party time. If you have someone who fills out the entire list before the time is up, check it against the answers and send the guest back if they got any wrong. If they got everything correct, you have a winner. If no one fills out all of the lines after five minutes, simply award the prize to the person, or persons who have the most correct answers.

It’s up to you whether you will offer a single prize, or prizes for the top two or three winners. While you can certainly go with a prize that goes with the theme of your shower, you can also focus on a prize that reflects the intensity of the game. Consider offering a travel Scrabble game, or pick up a couple of word search or word puzzle book at your local grocery or dollar store.

Baby shower
Bingo game

This is a really fun way to keep guests engaged in the gift opening. Too often, guests are simply waiting for their own gift to be opened or talking to each other about other things during the process. This can be distracting to the guest of honor and make the process last much longer than it should. Baby Gift Bingo is just the way to give everyone something to do while the Mom-to-be opens all those lovely gifts.

For this game you will need the Baby Gift Bingo sheets, one for each guest with a few extra, as well as pens. Each person will also need a sturdy surface to write on. So, consider clip boards for guests that don’t have access to a table.

There are two ways to play this game. As the hostess, you can write the gifts that you know are on the Mom’s gift registry in a random order on each bingo card. Just for fun, you can include some small, unusual gift in both her pile of loot and the cards. For example, it might be something like a stuffed llama, or a pacifier with a mustache on the front. This will give your guests something to laugh about while they are passing the cards around.

Another way is to ask your guests to fill in the cards themselves. This can be a little tougher, since some guests might not know twenty-four different gifts the Mom has requested. To make this part easier, you can pass around a list of items from the gift registry that have been marked purchased. While not all of the items may have been purchased for the shower, many probably were. It will give guests an idea of what the pile of presents might include.

Your guests can win when they have made a straight line vertically, horizontally or diagonally across the board. You can add a second prize for any guest that has covered their card by the end of the present opening process.

Baby shower
Celebrity game

Test your guests’ pop culture skills with this celebrity parent’s and baby game. The premise couldn’t be simpler: just match the famous baby with the famous parents.

But there are several different ways to play this game. The simplest way is to hand out the sheets and lets your guests race to the end of the list. This works fantastically for media savvy party, but if Great-Aunt Gertrude is attending, she may not enjoy this activity as much as she could. To help those who might not follow current pop culture, consider breaking your guests up into teams so that everyone can help.

If you really want to make it equally tough for everyone, make it a scavenger hunt. This works especially well for pop-culture themed showers. Before the party, find pictures online of these famous parents with their offspring, print them out and “hide” them around your party space. Give each picture its own, exclusive title. It might be something as simple as a number, or you might draw from the parents’ large body of hits. So, a picture of Will, Jada, and Willow Smith might have the word “MIB” on it or next to it. Then ask each guest to add the title of the picture to the line next to the parents’ names. This means that each guest has to scramble around matching the pictures to the name of the parents and the children.

Consider giving an Oscar or Grammy-like trophy to the winner or presenting the winner with a stash of your favorite Entertainment magazines.

Baby Shower
Name that baby food game

This is a fun game to play with guests of all ages. After all, no matter how nutritious and healthy it may be, it looks awful. It usually smells pretty bad too. But how does it taste?

That’s what your guests can find out with this fun game. Buy enough copies for every guest as well as a few extra, just in case.

Purchase eight different types of baby food. You don’t have to stick with the same brand, or the same type. For example, you might choose strained pear from Gerber while choosing Earth’s Best sweet potato. Also, think about mixing single flavor options with medleys such as offering green beans as one choice and chicken pot pie as another.

Once you have chosen your flavors, it’s time to hide the labels. This is harder than it used to be. Once upon at time, all baby food came in sterilized glass jars. So, hiding the flavor was as simple as removing the paper labels. But now baby food comes in small plastic cubes and pouches that children can suck, so you will have to purchase small bowls to serve the baby food. It is a good idea to purchase enough baby food, and corresponding bowls, for each table or group at your shower.

You will also need a way for each person to taste the food without sticking their fingers into the bowl. Tiny tasting spoons or even wooden coffee stirs work great for that. Just make sure to purchase enough utensils so that each person has nine or ten at their disposal. This will prevent anyone from re-using their utensil. Finally, make sure that you have plenty of trash receptacles for each table so they can toss each stirrer.

For prizes, think about a bouquet of cooking utensils, a gift set with gourmet spices or coffee, or a gift card to a local restaurant to take the taste away.

Baby Shower
Name that song game

This is the prefect game for the music loving Mama in your life. In this game your guests will try to name 10 songs that you have chosen for the party, as well as the artist that recorded each song. The players get one point for each song title and artists they identify correctly.

Make sure you have enough for every guest with a few extra. In addition, make sure that you have pens or pencils for everyone and clipboards for those who won’t be at a table. You will also need a way to play music at the party.

Also, before the party, choose the songs you will play for your guests. There are lots of different ways to choose the songs. You can look up a list on the internet or check out any of the multitude of music services that are around. Choose the most popular portion of the song, usually that part that has the words of the title toward the end.

Place these music clips on a thumb drive or burn a cd that you can play at the party. Write down the title, artist and year of release of each song.

After handing out the sheets, play the portion of each song and give the guests a minute or so to write down the title and artist. After playing all the songs, announce the correct answers and ask your guests to count up their points. If there is a tie, ask both guests to sit down and write out as many release years as they remember. Whoever gets most of those correct is the big winner, but it might be nice to have a present for both if there is a tie.

For prizes, thing about a music gift card, magazine or other music related gift item. You can burn a cd with full versions of all the songs or share a music playlist from Spotify or Pandora as part of your guests’ favors.

Baby shower
Baby animals game

New babies are wonderful, no matter what species. Who can resist the cuteness of a baby lion, or a baby seal? Even baby skunks are kind of cute.

But, what do you call them?

That’s the crux of the Baby Animals Shower Game. You hand out a sheet of paper an ask each guest to write down the name of each kind of baby animal. Is it a pup? A kitten? A cygnet?

There are several ways to play this game. You can let guests race and see who can fill in all the blanks first. However, depending on your guest list, you may have a group of people that simply don’t know what to call a baby spider. This might lead to frustration with the game.

To prevent any frustration of this nature, try setting a time limit on the game. Tell your guests that they have three to five minutes to fill out the sheet. Set a clock, an egg timer, or set the alarm on your phone. If someone finishes before the timer goes off, check the answers they give against the answer sheet. If they have them all correct, they win, otherwise the rest of the group keeps playing.

Whether or not you choose to tell the player which answer is wrong is completely up to you. You can also send them back to check their answers and figure it out for themselves.

When the timer goes off, you can either ask everyone to turn in their papers, or you can read out the correct answers and ask everyone to announce their number of correct. The one with the most correct answers wins the prize.

Since this is a game about baby animals, consider purchasing a small stuffed baby animal as a prize.

Baby shower
Nursery rhyme game

Test your guests’ knowledge of traditional nursery rhymes with this fun game. It may seem simple, but it’s harder than it looks. More and more, children are growing up without hearing traditional nursery rhymes, so some of these are hard. On the other hand, this is one of those games where some of your older guests will have an advantage.

So it’s nice to include a game like this in any multi-generational baby shower.

Buy enough game sheets for every guest with a few set aside in case extra people show up. Also make sure that you have plenty of pens or pencils handy as well as clipboards or other firm writing surfaces for anyone not sitting at a table.

There are two ways to play this game. You can leave the time open ended. This version allows you to award a prize to whoever fills in all the blanks correctly first. This can be a lot of fun, but it might also throw your shower off schedule if you are on a tight time frame. One of the advantages is that you will, in all likelihood, have only a single winner.

If you are pressed for time, there is another way to play. You can also set a timer for a specific number of minutes, usually one or two minutes. Give your guests a close-to-end warning. At the end of the time, ask who has all the blanks filled in. Check all the correct answers with the group. Whoever has the most correct answer wins the game and gets a prize. This version is far more likely to result in several winners. So be prepared with several small prizes.

Baby shower
The price is right game

Baby Shower the Price is Right Game

Bring out your inner Game Show Hostess with this paper and pencil game. The premise is simple: do your guests know how much it costs to bring up baby today?

Buy enough sheets for each guest, along with a few extra. Make sure that you have enough pens and pencils for each player. Also, make sure that they have a firm surface to write on. If some of your guests are not seated at a table, make sure that you have some clip boards to make their lives easier.

Also, it is important for you to do your homework and make sure that you have the proper price for each item in your area. So, go around to at least three different stores and list the prices for each item from each of the stores. Add up all three prices for each item and divide that number by three to get the average cost in your area.

Tell your guests which stores you “shopped” at to find your averages for each item. To keep the game on track, set a timer for a minute or so and ask your guests to write down what down what they think each item will cost in the grocery store.

There are two ways to score this game. If you want to have a game with lots of chances for guest to win small prizes, then read off each “average” price and offer a guest a prize for the closest answer. If you only want a single winner, you can add up the total average cost and offer a prize to the guest whose total comes closest to your own.

Whether or not you count answers that are close but go over your amount is completely up to you.

Baby shower
What’s in your purse game

Is your guest of honor prepared to be a parent? Are they ready to carry around the multitude of random objects their baby just won’t seem to be able to live without?

Is anyone?

More importantly, does any woman really know what lies at the bottom of her purse?

This game can help your guests find out, and maybe encourage a few to clean out that handbag.

Before the shower, get a number of large clear zipper baggies, gallon size should be large enough. Write each guests’ name at the top of the bag. This will give them a safe place to collect the treasures they need for this game and keep them safe. You can place a game sheet in each bag along with a pen or pencil to keep things organized if you wish. Also determine if pictures on a phone in the purse count or not. That is completely up to you, but you will want to announce your decision for consistency.

To play this game make sure that your guests have a little room to spread out. You want them to be able to remove things from their purse without getting them mixed up with the guest next to them. Hand out the bags and sheets, encouraging them to look in their purses for the desired items.

Ask your guests to record the number and type of items they have it their purses on the game sheet. If you are on a tight time schedule, set a timer for five minutes or less and encourage your guests to stay within that time limit. When they have finished going through their purses, ask your guests to tally up their points and award a prize to the one with the highest number of points.

For prizes, consider one of those tiny “wallet on a string” purses. It would be delightfully ironic.

Baby shower
Who knows mommy best game

This can be a delightfully heartwarming game to play with a woman who is preparing for childbirth. The idea is simple, who knows the most about the mother-to-be?

Before the shower, make sure to buy enough game cards to offer one to each guest, with a few left over for accidents or extra guests. Also, gather enough pens or pencils so that each guest has something to write with. Finally consider what each guest will write on. This may mean making sure that each guest can write on a table or make clipboards available to guests in chairs.

Most importantly, make sure that the Mom-to-be fills out the sheet for you. While some of the questions would be familiar to anyone who has known the mom for any length of time, there are others that only her best friends will know, and some that are new with the pregnancy.

Some might even surprise you as a hostess!

Place the answer in a sealed envelope and lay it with your items for the shower.

At the shower, pass out the papers, pens and other necessaries. Announce that you have the sheet with the final answers. This is so that no one places the Mom in an uncomfortable situation, saying “But Game of Thrones was always your favorite show.”

As soon as everyone is done filling out their sheets, you can read the answers the Mom wrote down, or ask her to read the answers herself. The guest who has the most answers correct wins the prize.

For a prize consider something that the guest and Mom-to-be can share together. Perhaps a gift certificate for a Mani/Pedi, or a set of matching friendship bracelets.

Everyone loves games. Everyone!

Paper and pencil games are a lot of fun, because they give the entire party a chance to see what others have written. It is a more concrete way to prove who has won.

There are a variety of games available, and you have to be prepared to play each one. First of all, you will need the games themselves. You will also need a place to play the games. You might plan on playing the games while your guests are all seated at a table, either before or after eating. This gives your guests something substantial to write upon. If your guests are all seated around an area in chairs, without a table nearby, then you might want to consider providing your guests with clipboards, or another writing surface.

You will also need pens. You can go with a box of stick pens, they really just need to be able to write. But you can also go bigger. If you have a star theme, why not look online and pick up a box of star pens? There are pens to go with almost any theme from flowers to tiny plush animals. You can allow the guests to keep the pens as an additional favor.

Speaking of favors, be sure to stock up on small gifts to hand out to the winners of each of the games. They don’t have to be big, just something that the guests will enjoy. You can also tie the prizes into the theme of the shower. Throwing a carnival theme? Why not hand out boxes of kettle corn? If you have a classically floral look, consider handing out small pots of violets, or freshly wrapped bouquets to take home.