Baby name scramble game - Blush Theme

Blush theme

Baby name scramble game - Elephant Theme

Elephant theme

Baby name scramble game - Spring Theme

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Baby name scramble game - Gum nut Theme

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Baby name scramble game - Swan Theme

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Baby name scramble game - Summer Theme

Summer theme

Baby name scramble game - Sky Theme

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Baby name scramble game - Plum Theme

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Baby name scramble game - Raspberry Theme

Raspberry theme


Baby shower
Word scramble game

How good are you at unscrambling words? Are your guests better or worse than you? This Scrambled Word Game can test you and your guests’ ability to figure out these baby words.

To play the game, you will need a sheet for each of your guests. You will also need a pen and a sturdy place to write. If all of your guests are at a table, that works. If you don’t have a table surface for every guest, round up enough clip boards so that each guest has something to write on. You will also need writing implements. For this game, pencils might work better than pens because your guests might need to erase once or twice before they get the word correct.

You will need a timer for this game as well. This ensures that it doesn’t take up too much of your party time. If you have someone who fills out the entire list before the time is up, check it against the answers and send the guest back if they got any wrong. If they got everything correct, you have a winner. If no one fills out all of the lines after five minutes, simply award the prize to the person, or persons who have the most correct answers.

It’s up to you whether you will offer a single prize, or prizes for the top two or three winners. While you can certainly go with a prize that goes with the theme of your shower, you can also focus on a prize that reflects the intensity of the game. Consider offering a travel Scrabble game, or pick up a couple of word search or word puzzle book at your local grocery or dollar store.