Premium Baby shower invitations

9 beautiful designs to choose from

Fun baby
shower games

Get the party going with some baby shower games. You have 11 games to pick from. Each game comes in 9 different designs, one for every theme.

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Balloons &
garland kits

We have carefully picked out a set of balloons for every theme. You can either get our ballon box, or you can pick balloons for your theme individually.

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Select a theme to get a list of all the items that belong to it

Advice for
the guest of honor

The guest of honor will be appreciating the words of advice from the guests, long after the party is over.


Books for

Cards get thrown away but books are cherished forever. Slip one of these in the envelope with your invitation.


Thank you

Don't forget to thank your guests. Personal words of appreciation are the perfect way to say thank you.


Baby shower
food ideas

If you need some inspiration for what you are going to serve at your baby shower, we have you covered.


Baby shower

Take a look at out blog. We have some useful tips and tricks for anyone hosting a baby shower.