This brightly colored header and footer pops in your overall decorating scheme. The bright blue and lavender flowers pop out of moss-green greenery. The theme coordinates with all of the different pieces, making it easy to tie your invitations to your games, signage and thank you notes. The header and the footer of many of the full sheets are thick, almost two inches deep, with lavender pops of color on opposite corners. The signage differs slightly, offering a thinner top border, ensuring you more white space to fill with your message of love. The bottom has corner accents of lavender flowers to tie in the color.

The half-sheet cards feature a thick border at the top, keeping the bottom blank. This allows you plenty of room to print your messages.

The floral color family works well for showers the feature the bright blue and lavender flowers of high summer. Consider accenting these pieces with hydrangea, lilac, and lavender. The deep color can also work well with some of the bright colors of vintage candy and soda. So consider using this paper theme for a vintage sweets shower.


This colorful design features the love of parent and child. The design is heavy in red, pink, and yellow, making it the perfect unisex shower theme. The repetition of doubles makes it a lovely and subtle invitation for a shower that honors the mother of twins.

The 5 x 7-inch sheets are topped with two pink daisies nestled in the center of the header. Ferns and leaves create a starburst pattern that spreads out across the top. The left- hand side has two pinecones hovering protectively over a mother bunny cradling her baby in the bottom left-hand corner. The baby holds a raspberry to share with Mama. The bottom right-hand corner features twin mushrooms beneath two more raspberries on the vine that sprouts up the right-hand side.

The 24 x 36-inch signage features a narrower border of red, pink, yellow and blue blossoms nestled among leaves around the top and sides of the poster. Centered in the bottom of the sign is a mother fox with her kit, relaxing among pussy willows and ferns. The 4 x 6 cards feature the twin flowers with the starburst of leaves.

This is the perfect paper theme to use when you are planning a storybook shower. The mother and babies look like they have jumped right out of a classic picture book. But don’t let that limit you. Think about this theme if you are planning a toy or a multi-generational shower that celebrates all ages of mother, and even grandmother-hood.

Gum nut

This sweet theme calls back to its roots down under. The theme is largely the dusty green colors of Outback foliage. The top border shows the iconic gum tree flower in red with its spikey petals, surrounded by both the spear-like and the coin shaped eucalyptus leaves. The leaves continue down both the left and right sides of the 5 x 7 sheets. A larger, yellow gum tree flower with accents of moss colored gum nuts. The larger, 24 x 36 signage features red gum flowers on both sides with the spikier version of gum tree leaves. The smaller, 4 x 6- inch cards have a small, approximately 1-inch border of red and yellow gum flowers on the top with an accent of gum nuts in the lower right-hand corner.

If you are planning an Australian shower, nothing could be better. The signage would look lovely nestled in with a stuffed Kangaroo and her joey. But, with its red and yellow highlights, this is a lovely theme to consider for fall showers. Red, yellow and orange foliage would coordinate well with these cards.


Thinking of having a Monet-themed shower? Then this design family is for you. The deep blue color of this family of papers sets it apart. The 5 x 7 -inch papers feature a thick header is created with watercolor poppies and gentian interspersed with pastel green leaves. The left-hand side features a vine with blue flowers and green leaves intertwined. The thick bottom border continues the vine from the left-hand side, with a blue poppy in the lower right-hand side. A blue butterfly peeks in from the right-hand side of the paper, adding a note of whimsy to the entire look.

The 24 x 36 signage offers a thick border of blue poppies and roses along the top. A blue butterfly wings its way to the center of the top. At the bottom, a similar blue butterfly floats amid a garden of blue flowers.

The 4 x 6 cards feature a blue floral border along the top with a green, vine accent along the left-hand side, leaving plenty of room for your message.

While it may seem obvious, this color scheme is delightful for a baby boy shower. However, especially if blue is a favorite color for Mom, you can use this group to celebrate a baby girl. Any type of classical art is accented by this theme. But it gores very well with any of the watercolor masters such as Monet, Sargent, and O’Keefe.


This classic theme features a header and footer of pink camellias with yellow accents. The water-color feel adds to the iconic look. The design offers a thick top and bottom border, while leaving the sides free of design. Moss-colored leaves tie both the top and bottom, as well as the flowers and stems together.

This is a lovely theme for a floral shower. But it also works well for everything from nature- themed showers to high tea. The pink in the flowers are subtle, their color making them appropriate for a shower for girls, or showers to celebrate Mom. The pastel tones make them easy to match with natural flowers, as well as traditional decorating items such as balloons and tissue paper garlands and puffs.

The 5 x 7 sheets offer a header and footer within the design, while the 4 x 6-inch cards feature a header with an accenting bud at the bottom of the cared. The signage is a 24 x 36-inch piece with a thick, 4-inch border at the top and a narrower band of greenery at the bottom.


This sweet theme offers an overall image in a soft, pastel blue featuring stars, a moon and a sweet baby elephant. The Invitation has a baby elephant with a crown centered at the bottom with balloons on either side. It is topped with pastel blue clouds and stars. Anther 5 x 7-inch choice features the baby elephant cradled by a crescent moon and holding a heart-shaped balloon with its trunk, and a sprinkling of stars around the edges. A third 5 x 7 option shows a close-up of the baby elephant on the right-hand side with both a heart-shaped and round balloon.

Adding to this theme is the large 24 x 36-inch signage. This piece has a simple and sweet look with a crowned baby elephant centered at the top of the piece, surrounded by scattered stars. The baby elephant is holding a balloon and sitting atop a small banner.

The smaller, 4 x 6-inch pieces also have their own looks. Bothe the “Thank You” note and “Advice for Mom” cards both have a close-up of the baby elephant on the left-hand side of the card and balloons on the right side. Stars are scattered across the background. The “Books for Baby” cards show the baby elephant holding a balloon on the right-hand side, leaving plenty of room for your message.

With the pastel blue clouds and balloons, this theme is ideal for Mom’s that are expecting a baby boy. But the sweet baby elephant also works well for those Mom’s that are big fans of children’s books. Think about Babar, The Saggy Baggy Elephant, or Dumbo.


With its profusion of flowers, this theme is bound to bring a smile to any guests’ lips. The invitation has a thick border of flowers on the top and bottom in pink, orange, pale blue and chartreus. A large bear is sitting in the lower left-hand corner, lovingly tending a flock of ducklings. Other 5 x 7-inch papers are bordered by the same whimsical flowers. Another option includes a little mouse climbing up a dandelion In the lower left-hand corner surrounded by larger flowers. A final option shows the same little mouse watching as dandelion seeds fly off behind the text that is bordered by the same whimsical flowers.

In the larger 24 x 36-inch signage, the bear has a close up in the lower, left-hand corner. A flock of ducklings scurry across the bottom, eager to find a place in the bear’s ample lap while large, whimsical flowers hover protectively around and above them.

The 4 x 6-inch cards all feature the brightly colored, whimsical flowers at the top and bottom, leaving ample room in the center for your message.

The color scheme of this theme is bright, with lots of natural colors. It works equally well for Moms expecting either a boy or a girl. The flock of ducklings would also work well for baby showers for multiples. This is a lovely theme to choose if your shower revolves around the outdoors. It works well for picnics or an outdoor tea.


This elegant, floral theme is a fresh way to celebrate any mother. The entire theme features flowers in peach, pink, orange and indigo, surrounded by greenery that ranges from a forest to a heathered green.

The invitation has a thick floral border along the top with a thinner border along the right-hand side. The bottom corners each features a large flower. The other 5 x 7-inch option features a thick floral border along the right-hand side with flowers in the top and bottom corners of the left-hand side.

The larger sign is 24 x 36-inches with a thick floral border all the way around the sign. The branches of the foliage accenting the center area.

The 4 x 6-inch cards each feature a different pattern of floral border with the same design and color scheme as the larger pieces. The same flowers and greenery grace their sides in a variety of ways from simple borders on the top or the sides, to corner accents.

This theme works well for a wide range of showers. The bright, classical colors work well with a modern, urban shower. The presence of both pink and blue make the design perfectly appropriate for both expected boys and girls.


This minimalist theme offers a wide range of options. The color scheme features both pastel pink and blue against grey and green foliage and black line drawings.

The 5 x 7-inch invitation has a cleared top border with only a single floral cameo in the lower left-hand corner. Other 5 x 7 pages feature small bouquets of flowers in the lower right-hand corners. A final full page has a thin floral border along the top and bottom of the sheet.

The larger sign is 24 x 36 inches. It has a thick floral border all the way around the sign with Iris, camellias, and primroses nestled among blue iris and pale green leaves and vines.

The smaller 4 x 6-inch cards echo the minimalist look of the invitation. With floral borders on either the right or the left-hand side, leaving plenty of room for your message.

The simple lines of this theme make it the perfect look for your modern shower. The simple lines of the flowers is reminiscent of Degas. Consider this theme if you are hosting a shower for your favorite dance enthusiast or theater maven. This theme also works well with summer showers that are filled with the bright blossoms of the season. Since it features both pink and blue, it works equally well for parents expecting either a boy or a girl.