Baby shower invitations - Blush Theme

Blush theme

Baby shower invitations - Elephant Theme

Elephant theme

Baby shower invitations - Spring Theme

Spring theme

Baby shower invitations - Gum nut Theme

Gum nut theme

Baby shower invitations - Swan Theme

Swan theme

Baby shower invitations - Summer Theme

Summer theme

Baby shower invitations - Sky Theme

Sky theme

Baby shower invitations - Plum Theme

Plum theme

Baby shower invitations - Raspberry Theme

Raspberry theme


Baby shower

Your choice of invitations is one of the most important decisions you will make about your baby shower. The invitation is the first piece of information your guests will see. It must contain all the information about the party so that your guests will know when and where to attend. It should also include any gift registry information.

But beyond that, your invitation needs to set the tone of your baby shower. The theme you choose goes a long way towards telling y our guests what the shower will be like. If you choose a floral theme, they will probably expect real of artificial flowers to play a large part in the party. It might be a good theme for a more formal shower brunch. If you choose cute, cartoon animals, then that may telegraph to your guests that the party will be more of a fun-filled and casual affair.

Beyond the expectations of the guests, choosing a theme you like helps you as you move through the tougher decisions of decorations, signage, games and even food. By choosing a color and theme that pleases you and your guest of honor, you are setting up the party to be something that you both will enjoy.

While you are choosing your invitations, don’t neglect to have the thank you notes printed. That way, when you address the invitations, you can address the envelopes for the thank you cards. Place the stack of addressed envelopes with the cards and a package of sticky notes aside for the party. While the Mom is opening her gifts, simply pull out the addressed envelope of the gift giver. Write the gift item on the sticky note and adhere it to the addressed envelope.