for Mom

Baby showers aren’t just designed to fill the nursery, they are also designed to give the mom-to-be all the support she needs as she faces this change in her life.

In some ways, pregnant women get far too much advice. They hardly have to step on to an elevator without someone giving them unsolicited advice or telling them a horror story about three weeks of labor.

That is not the kind of advice a pregnant woman needs.

So, make sure that your guests give the mom-to-be the most loving and supportive advice.

There are several ways to get the cards to your guests. You can send out the cards with the invitations. This allows the guests to think about the best advice they have. You can ask the guests to bring them to the shower and collect them when they arrive.

If you have concerns about people bringing the cards back, simply hold on to the cards until the shower. Hand out a card to each guest as they arrive and ask them to fill it out. Most women have lovely advice to give, but it can put those who know little about giving birth or raising babies on the spot.

You can also place the cards in a central area and allow guests to pick up the cards as they wish. If you notice that few people are engaging in the activity, then you can walk around the shower, handing out cards as you go.

After you have collected the cards, regardless of how you have handed them out, think of a good way to display them. One fun way is to string a heavy cord across one wall and pin each piece of advice to the cord with a clothespin. You can paint each clothespin pink or blue or attach a small charm to each pin for decoration. You can also create a lovely French bulletin board with pictures of the Mom and ultrasounds of the baby. You can then slip the cards under the ribbons to display the advice.


Will the baby have Mom’s eyes? Dad’s nose? Everyone will have an opinion after the baby is born. But you and your guests can have a lot of fun trying to predict the baby. That’s where baby prediction games come in so handy.

The sheet gives your guests the opportunity to guess not only what the baby will look like but also when the little bundle of love will arrive. If the parents haven’t already had a gender reveal, you can add that to the prediction list. You can ask for length of labor, length, and weight.

There are several ways to play the game. You can ask each guest to write down their predictions at the shower, then collect the sheets. Save them until the mother goes into labor, then collect the real information. Whoever gets the most predictions correct will receive a little prize after the birth. You can either deliver the prize in person, or send it by mail, whichever is most convenient.

But there is another fun way to play this game. If you have ever played with “MadLibs” books, you know what’s coming. Without explaining what you are doing, simply ask your guests to give you random answers such as a “a length of time,” or “a body part.” Fill in the blanks with the guests answers and then read the “Predictions” to the assembled shower. What mother wouldn’t howl in laughter to hear that she will give birth after ten minutes of labor to a 2-ton baby with her father’s big toe?

Of course, you can also combine the two games, first playing it as a MadLibs games, then asking the guests to make their own, individual predictions.

for baby

Babies are humanity’s hope for the future. Every new baby is a new chance for the world to get better. Expressing your wishes for the baby are a great way of showing your hope for the world to come.

This list of wishes for baby can be used in a variety of ways. You can simply make the sheets available to guests and encourage them to fill them out, quietly and privately. You can provide a basket or box to collect the papers and then present them all to the Mom at the end of the shower.

If you want your guests to have a little more time to think about it. You can send the sheets with the invitations. That way, as they prepare for the shower and think back to their time and relationship with the mom, they can think about the different wishes they have for the baby. Ask the guests to bring their sheets to the shower and collect them as the guests arrive. Go through the wishes and share at least one from each guest. You can even share the best wish from each guest as the Mom opens the present from that guest.

Remember the event

You can keep the shower events evergreen in their minds by adding a keepsake of some kind to your party shower. There are lots of different types of keepsakes to consider.

Keepsake Cards

Keepsake cards are wonderful ways to pass the hopes and wisdom from one generation to another. Cards are simple to use. There are three basic cards to choose from: Baby Predictions, Advice for Mom and Wishes for the Baby. Each of these cards are designed to match the invitations, games and other paper products you have chosen for your shower.

Order more cards than you think you will need. It would be unusual if a guest or two didn’t make a mistake and want to try again. Set them out in an area where guests can sit, think and write their words to the mother. Add a basket where they can store completed cards.

After the shower, organize the pieces either by guest or by category and place them in an album so that the mother can read the advice at her leisure.

Guest Books

These are probably the most common baby shower keepsake. These books give guests places to sign their names, offer advice to the parents and answer questions that the parents or guests might have. They often also have space for the particulars of the birth, including date, time, and size of the baby. Finally, most guest books have spaces for pictures of the shower as well as pictures of the newborn baby.

Guest Trees

Along the same lines of the guest book are guest trees, whether they are actually trees or not. Like guest books, they provide the Mom-to-be with a tangible record of the people that attended the shower. But, unlike a guest book, guest trees are usually designed to be hangings or other decorations.

These keepsakes usually have a framed picture that is the centerpiece of the keepsake. It might be a tree, or a clothesline or some other framework for the keepsake. As they arrive, each guest writes their name on a leaf, onsie or whatever other item the keepsake calls for. Then, depending on the design, either the guest or the hostess arranges the items on the background. Finally, the keepsake is framed and presented to the other-to-be.

Shower Frames or Albums

A final fun keepsake is just a simple picture or set of pictures of the baby shower. You can take a picture of the entire group and place it in an attractive frame for the Mother. You can add a thumb drive with a set of pictures from the photo booth for the Mom to peruse at her leisure.