Baby shower
Who knows mommy best game

This can be a delightfully heartwarming game to play with a woman who is preparing for childbirth. The idea is simple, who knows the most about the mother-to-be?

Before the shower, make sure to buy enough game cards to offer one to each guest, with a few left over for accidents or extra guests. Also, gather enough pens or pencils so that each guest has something to write with. Finally consider what each guest will write on. This may mean making sure that each guest can write on a table or make clipboards available to guests in chairs.

Most importantly, make sure that the Mom-to-be fills out the sheet for you. While some of the questions would be familiar to anyone who has known the mom for any length of time, there are others that only her best friends will know, and some that are new with the pregnancy.

Some might even surprise you as a hostess!

Place the answer in a sealed envelope and lay it with your items for the shower.

At the shower, pass out the papers, pens and other necessaries. Announce that you have the sheet with the final answers. This is so that no one places the Mom in an uncomfortable situation, saying “But Game of Thrones was always your favorite show.”

As soon as everyone is done filling out their sheets, you can read the answers the Mom wrote down, or ask her to read the answers herself. The guest who has the most answers correct wins the prize.

For a prize consider something that the guest and Mom-to-be can share together. Perhaps a gift certificate for a Mani/Pedi, or a set of matching friendship bracelets.