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Baby shower
Name race game

Choosing just the right name for a baby has been a conundrum for families from the first time a cave mother decided that she couldn’t name another child “Og.” Today, parents have literally thousands of names to choose from, but how many can your baby shower guests name? This game will test your guests baby naming skills and determine the Name Champion!

Make sure that you have a game sheet for each player as well as a pen and a hard surface for writing. Set a time limit. The shorter the better for this game! So set your timer for only one or two minutes. Ask your guests to write down as many names as possible in the playing time.

When the timer goes off, they are done.

There are several different ways to determine a winner. You can offer a prize to anyone who has completely filled in the sheet. But be ready, because even with only one minute, you will probably have several winners.

But there is another way to “score” the sheets. You start by having your guests read the names they have written down. If anyone else has the same name for a letter, then everyone with that name crosses it out and they don’t get a point for that name. If you choose this route, explain that people need to think of unique names and explain the scoring before game. If you choose this way to play, you will probably have only one or two winners at most.

You can choose to offer a prize that goes with the theme of your shower, or you can choose something that goes uniquely with this game. For example, you might want to offer vinyl stick-on letters that your guest can use to personalize their phone, or a gift card to pick up a travel mug with their name or initials.