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Baby Shower
Name that baby food game

This is a fun game to play with guests of all ages. After all, no matter how nutritious and healthy it may be, it looks awful. It usually smells pretty bad too. But how does it taste?

That’s what your guests can find out with this fun game. Buy enough copies for every guest as well as a few extra, just in case.

Purchase eight different types of baby food. You don’t have to stick with the same brand, or the same type. For example, you might choose strained pear from Gerber while choosing Earth’s Best sweet potato. Also, think about mixing single flavor options with medleys such as offering green beans as one choice and chicken pot pie as another.

Once you have chosen your flavors, it’s time to hide the labels. This is harder than it used to be. Once upon at time, all baby food came in sterilized glass jars. So, hiding the flavor was as simple as removing the paper labels. But now baby food comes in small plastic cubes and pouches that children can suck, so you will have to purchase small bowls to serve the baby food. It is a good idea to purchase enough baby food, and corresponding bowls, for each table or group at your shower.

You will also need a way for each person to taste the food without sticking their fingers into the bowl. Tiny tasting spoons or even wooden coffee stirs work great for that. Just make sure to purchase enough utensils so that each person has nine or ten at their disposal. This will prevent anyone from re-using their utensil. Finally, make sure that you have plenty of trash receptacles for each table so they can toss each stirrer.

For prizes, think about a bouquet of cooking utensils, a gift set with gourmet spices or coffee, or a gift card to a local restaurant to take the taste away.