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Baby Shower
Name that song game

This is the prefect game for the music loving Mama in your life. In this game your guests will try to name 10 songs that you have chosen for the party, as well as the artist that recorded each song. The players get one point for each song title and artists they identify correctly.

Make sure you have enough for every guest with a few extra. In addition, make sure that you have pens or pencils for everyone and clipboards for those who won’t be at a table. You will also need a way to play music at the party.

Also, before the party, choose the songs you will play for your guests. There are lots of different ways to choose the songs. You can look up a list on the internet or check out any of the multitude of music services that are around. Choose the most popular portion of the song, usually that part that has the words of the title toward the end.

Place these music clips on a thumb drive or burn a cd that you can play at the party. Write down the title, artist and year of release of each song.

After handing out the sheets, play the portion of each song and give the guests a minute or so to write down the title and artist. After playing all the songs, announce the correct answers and ask your guests to count up their points. If there is a tie, ask both guests to sit down and write out as many release years as they remember. Whoever gets most of those correct is the big winner, but it might be nice to have a present for both if there is a tie.

For prizes, thing about a music gift card, magazine or other music related gift item. You can burn a cd with full versions of all the songs or share a music playlist from Spotify or Pandora as part of your guests’ favors.