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Baby shower
Bingo game

This is a really fun way to keep guests engaged in the gift opening. Too often, guests are simply waiting for their own gift to be opened or talking to each other about other things during the process. This can be distracting to the guest of honor and make the process last much longer than it should. Baby Gift Bingo is just the way to give everyone something to do while the Mom-to-be opens all those lovely gifts.

For this game you will need the Baby Gift Bingo sheets, one for each guest with a few extra, as well as pens. Each person will also need a sturdy surface to write on. So, consider clip boards for guests that don’t have access to a table.

There are two ways to play this game. As the hostess, you can write the gifts that you know are on the Mom’s gift registry in a random order on each bingo card. Just for fun, you can include some small, unusual gift in both her pile of loot and the cards. For example, it might be something like a stuffed llama, or a pacifier with a mustache on the front. This will give your guests something to laugh about while they are passing the cards around.

Another way is to ask your guests to fill in the cards themselves. This can be a little tougher, since some guests might not know twenty-four different gifts the Mom has requested. To make this part easier, you can pass around a list of items from the gift registry that have been marked purchased. While not all of the items may have been purchased for the shower, many probably were. It will give guests an idea of what the pile of presents might include.

Your guests can win when they have made a straight line vertically, horizontally or diagonally across the board. You can add a second prize for any guest that has covered their card by the end of the present opening process.