Celebrity baby game - Blush Theme

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Celebrity baby game - Elephant Theme

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Celebrity baby game - Spring Theme

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Celebrity baby game - Gum nut Theme

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Celebrity baby game - Swan Theme

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Celebrity baby game - Summer Theme

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Celebrity baby game - Sky Theme

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Celebrity baby game - Plum Theme

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Celebrity baby game - Raspberry Theme

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Baby shower
Celebrity game

Test your guests’ pop culture skills with this celebrity parent’s and baby game. The premise couldn’t be simpler: just match the famous baby with the famous parents.

But there are several different ways to play this game. The simplest way is to hand out the sheets and lets your guests race to the end of the list. This works fantastically for media savvy party, but if Great-Aunt Gertrude is attending, she may not enjoy this activity as much as she could. To help those who might not follow current pop culture, consider breaking your guests up into teams so that everyone can help.

If you really want to make it equally tough for everyone, make it a scavenger hunt. This works especially well for pop-culture themed showers. Before the party, find pictures online of these famous parents with their offspring, print them out and “hide” them around your party space. Give each picture its own, exclusive title. It might be something as simple as a number, or you might draw from the parents’ large body of hits. So, a picture of Will, Jada, and Willow Smith might have the word “MIB” on it or next to it. Then ask each guest to add the title of the picture to the line next to the parents’ names. This means that each guest has to scramble around matching the pictures to the name of the parents and the children.

Consider giving an Oscar or Grammy-like trophy to the winner or presenting the winner with a stash of your favorite Entertainment magazines.