What to wear to a baby shower

Baby shower attire

Dressing for a party is usually a piece of cake. Cocktail party? Cocktail attire. Fancy Dress Party? Bring out your fanciest outfit. Dress up? Get as creative as you can. Casual Party? Time to get away with keeping it casual. Invited to a baby shower? What do you wear? This can be a tricky event to dress for. Unless your Mom to be has made it super simple for you by telling you the particular color she would like you to wear – blue or pink - you really don’t know whether you are expected to come in your comfiest attire or dress up for the occasion. After all, you definitely do not want to upstage Mom to be.

The best place to start in figuring out what to wear – without having to ask Mom at this stressful time- would be to look over the invitation. If you have already received the formal invitation from the hostess, then it is almost certain a theme has been chosen by Mom. If the invitation does not, simply state the dress code for her chosen venue then clues may be hidden in the theme. If the invitation is covered in pink or blue, then it would be entirely up to you to dress as if you wanted to fit in with the decorations. Mom may have set the theme to be safari so you could go with a casual outfit or khaki of some sort. Surely animal print would go down a treat? Other themes you may come across may be nautical, so it would be safe to bring out your casual boating attire and vintage/rustic – classy, neutral colors would work fantastically.

Apart from dressing to suit the theme chosen for the baby shower a few other factors that would affect your outfit choice would be the time of year – is it during the Summer? It’s likely casual dress would be required or the weather forecast for the big event. Probably the biggest component to influence your dress choice would be venue. The venue chosen to host the baby shower would greatly contribute to your decision. Is the baby shower held in a backyard? Tea room? Are you invited to join in some outdoor games that require a comfy outfit? Is it a high tea or a barbecue? Is it a sit down dining option or a finger food casual set up? The most important point to not overlook would be the choice of venue as this factor alone holds the greatest significance in your attire choice. You surely don’t want to be rocking up to an informal baby shower, backyard barbecue dressed in your finest outfit.