Baby shower wishes

Wishes for baby

If you have the privilege of receiving an invitation to a baby shower, then you are one of the lucky few, the parents- to- be want to share their special news with. Being asked to be involved in the welcoming of a new life is a touching gesture, one not to take lightly. A common tradition of baby showers is for attendees to present gifts to the new baby and well wishes for the new parents. “Well-wishers” have been around for centuries. It is phrase used to describe someone who shows kindness towards another person. Sending well wishes is an important gesture, one the parents will greatly appreciate.

Thinking of the perfect wishes to send can be a little tricky. There are plenty of different ways to send your well wishes to the family upon your attendance to their baby shower.

A majority of the time the host will have set up a sign in book for the guests to sign their well wishes on as a keepsake for the parents. In that case, coming prepared with the wishes you would like to write down for the baby is a great idea.

Some easy, straight forward well wishes you may like to write to parents and bub if they do indeed have a keepsake book to sign, or even in your card, may be:

  • Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!
  • To the soon to be parents, wishing you all the best for the safe arrival of bub!
  • Thank you for inviting us along to be a part of something so special, can’t wait to meet bub!
  • All the best for the remainder of the pregnancy, looking forward to the safe arrival of baby.
  • Wishing you a magical and memorable journey through babyhood. So glad we could be a part of it. Love you.

It’s going to be a boy! Write something that Mom to be will share with her prince in a time to come. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to personalize it for the little man.

  • Oh boy! This is great news! We can’t wait to meet him. Thank you for inviting us on this special day.
  • We are so excited, we just had to say! Get ready for toy cars, bikes and endless play! A precious little boy is on his way.
  • This little guy is already blessed. We hope he is the start of your soccer team! So excited to watch your family grow.
  • We know he will already be Mommy’s little man and Daddy’s best mate! Congratulations to the awesome parents. Lots of Love.
  • We already know he will melt Moms heart – looking forward to meeting the special little guy!

A beautiful girl is on her way and you want to make your well wishes specific to the little princess. Why not share these touching baby shower card wishes for the pink bundle of joy with mom on her big day.

  • She is sugar and spice but all things nice! We can’t wait to meet her!
  • We are tutu excited, we just cannot wait. Congratulations guys!
  • A beautiful little girl to spoil and adore, she will bring cuddles, laughter and so much more!
  • We are certain she will have Daddy wrapped around her little finger! She is one lucky little girl already. Can’t wait to meet her.

If you are looking for some heartfelt wishes to send the almost parents, then here are a few ideas to get you started. Remember you have a special relationship with this family and have been invited along to celebrate the start of a beautiful new chapter in their lives, write from your heart because the parents will appreciate the love.

  • Soon you will be bringing home an addition to the family. Your house will no longer be quiet and Mom’s hair will likely be a mess. Even though you will be tired, your hearts will be filled with love. Enjoy making the memories!
  • Welcome to the world little one! We can’t wait to see you grow.
  • In another few weeks your entire world will change. Look forward to the exciting times ahead but don’t forget to ask for help – remember it truly takes a village to raise a child!
  • Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Get ready to feel a love like never before. Congratulations we know you both will be wonderful parents.
  • Wishing you all the best to you and your precious baby
  • Love just got real, so excited for you both.

If you are particularly close to the soon to be Mom, then you may want to address her directly with well wishes and support. Remember, if you have a special friendship, don’t forget to add in something that will touch her heart. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Congratulations on your bun in the oven, I know you are going to be a wonderful Mom.
  • I am so very excited for the arrival of bub, this baby is already loved to the moon and back.
  • Such a lucky baby to have such a beautiful Mom. You’re going to do a wonderful job and I am here whenever you need.
  • Don’t forget the babysitters, so we can let our hair down and have some ‘mommy’ time.
  • I know you will do a wonderful job, don’t forget to look after yourself. A happy Mom makes for a happy bub.
  • Be kind to yourself, you will do a fantastic job. You may not always think you know what you’re doing but your baby will think you’re a star.

Mom, Dad and their little bundle are going to be surrounded by a whole lot of love and inspirational words after the baby shower. With this variety of baby shower well wishes to get you started, you will be on your way to scripting a genuine, heartfelt, much appreciated wish for the whole family to treasure.