While there are lots of ways to celebrate Moms and babies, it’s easy to fall into a rut. You don’t have to throw another brunch or pass another plate of pastel cookies to celebrate a new baby. Check out these ideas to throw a unique baby shower

Kid Friendly Shower

There are reasons to make a baby shower kid-friendly. Maybe this is a second or third child. Perhaps most of her friends are young mothers with babies and toddlers of their own. For this type of shower, make sure that the baby shower invitations let guests know that it’s expected to bring little ones.

Make sure that your decorations are designed to man-handled by little hands and are sturdy, and safe. So, look at pictures, soft toys or wooden pieces. Don’t serve only crudité and mimosas. Instead, make sure that you have plenty of cookies, cupcakes and cut fruit. Offer juice or water in sippy cups alongside plastic flutes. Don’t limit yourself to paper and pencil games. Instead, offer games that all ages will enjoy trying such as “Don’t drop the Baby.” Simply draw a baby’s face on a plastic egg and put people into teams. Let them race across the yard balancing the egg on a spoon. Or, you can play “Give the Baby a Pacifier.” Like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” contestants are blindfolded as they try to stick a paper pacifier on a giant baby’s face.

Finally, add some arts and crafts to your shower. Give adults and children alike markers and onsies to decorate for the new baby. Let them write their names on a poster for the baby’s room. Or, especially if the younger guests are really young, do a foot print bouquet by painting each baby’s foot and “printing” it as a petal around a flower. After each print, write the child’s name. The mother and baby will have a delightful memory as the children grow up together.

Spa Shower

If there is one thing a mother-to-be needs it’s a little pampering. This shower is especially helpful if you are planning a smaller baby shower with ten or fewer attendees.

Before sending out invitations, look around at area spas and see who will accept shower groups. Many will even offer bridesmaid or wedding shower packages that you can alter to suit your needs. You can set the shower at the facility or gather the guests at one house and provide transportation to the spa.

If you live in an area without a spa, consider creating a spa around your home. Call a masseuse to make a house call. You can easily set up a massage table or massage chair in the corner of the room and encourage guests to take turns. You can purchase facial scrubs, but there are healthier alternatives. There are dozens of homemade facial scrubs you can make with non-toxic chemicals found in your kitchen. You can make scrub for the face, hands and feet. Consider taking turns painting fingers and toes or bring in a nail specialist.

When it comes to food, it is important that you offer foods that easy to pick up, even if your fingernails are still wet. So, choose fruits, cheeses and even cake pops that you can pick up with a stick or toothpick. Offer drinks that have straws and even lids to prevent spills. Games are fun but keep them relaxing and easy for everyone to play, even if they are getting a massage at the time. Try to keep them verbal. Use Mad Libs, name that tune, lullaby edition, Guess the date and weight.

Road Trip

Before feeling “tied down” by a baby, some moms want to have fun with the girls. This doesn’t mean a weekend in Vegas, although if that’s what your favorite Mom-to-be loves, go for it. But you may want to plan a trip to a nearby beach, a mountain cabin or an urban getaway. Don’t have a whole weekend for the fun? No problem. Many areas have train trips that wind through the mountains or offer party rides through your area. Whatever you choose, do make sure that you have quick access to medical care if the unexpected occurs and baby wants to join the party early!

Send out baby shower invitations that look like passports, or train tickets. Make sure that you have an RSVP time that allows you to make any reservations necessary for the party. You may want to call guests to double check before making any reservations. You may also want to discuss whether you will be paying for the entire party venue, or whether everyone will pay their own way and split the travel costs for Mom.

If the venue doesn’t provide food, or even if it does, make sure that you are able to put your own personal touch on the cuisine. Make sure that the Mom’s favorite foods are readily available. Talk to her partner and see if there are any foods that she has been craving and pack that as well. The whole goal is to make the mom comfortable and happy.

There are so many games you can play throughout your travel. If you are driving, think about asking your guests to keep their phones out during the trip. Whoever gets the most pictures of “baby on board” or “My kid is an honor student” stickers will win a prize when they get to the venue. You can also play any number of traditional baby shower games. However, consider creating a memory book for the Mom. Before the party, staple two or three pieces of paper together in the middle and fold it to make a small book with four or six pages. Ask each guest to write about their favorite memory of the mother, or of their own childhood. After the party, bind the smaller books together in a notebook to give the Mom a lovely keepsake of your time together.

With a little creativity and a lot of love, you can give your favorite mother-to-be a memorable baby shower that is like no other.

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