Parents don’t lose their interests just because their having a baby. In fact, enfolding the parents-to-be in a shower that explores their passion for film might be the way to set your baby shower apart. It can be fun to design the baby shower invitations, food, baby shower games, and, of course, decorations that can turn your baby shower into movie lovers dream. And of course, your shower will end happily ever after.

The first step it to decide on exactly what kind of movie theme you want to explore. Does your favorite Mom-to-be love old films in black and white? Is she a Rom/Com fan? Does she harbor a secret passion for action movies or cheesy horror? Any of these can be great fodder for a show stopping shower.


After you have gotten the guest list form the Mom, the next important step is designing the perfect baby shower invitations. One of the best ways to announce your theme for the shower is to send out a “Coming Attraction” flyer designed to look like the movie genre you have chosen. To really set the theme, be sure to peruse the movie posters that match. For example, for a classic movie theme, consider using a large, Marquee font to announce the “title” or name of the baby, along with the details of time and place. If your parents are horror lovers, go with a darker background with phrases such as “Feel the thrills of late-night feeding and the chills of going without sleep,” or “Experience the terror of the tiny diaper!”

Of course, one of the fastest and funniest movie poster invitations can be created by photo-shopping the parent’s faces over the faces on their favorite movie poster. You don’t have to be a phot editing genius to accomplish this feat. The cheesier the look, the better. Let’s face it, what dad wouldn’t want to see his face super imposed over Rambo’s? You could always add a Baby Bjorn over his trademark bandoliers.

Evites you a whole new dimension to work with. If you, or someone you know is a computer editing wizard, think about creating a spoof of a movie trailer to invite guests. Use still, or action shots from the parent’s favorite movies and add your own voice-over to create a funny short. For example, if you know a Black Panther fan, why not have T’Challa and Shuri discuss the impending birth instead of the future of Wakanda.


Don’t limit yourself to movie posters for the party. Instead, think about the movies themselves. Got a classic movie lover? Why not decorate in shades of grey for that black-and-white movie feel. You can extend the theme by asking the guests to dress in various greys. Perhaps there is an iconic scene from a favorite movie that you can suggest, such as the Munchkin village in The Wizard of Oz, or the great hall in Harry Potter. You don’t need to re-create the set, just suggest it. You might chalk a yellow brick road up your driveway, studded with giant lollipops. Or you might hang “candles” from threads strung over your gift and dining tables to remind your guests of Hogwarts.

Another fun option is to decorate with parenting advice from movies throughout the ages. Look at movies such as “Where the Heart is,” “Father of the Bride Two,” and “Three Men and a Baby.” Print out the quotes and hang them around your party space. If you wish, you can leave the movie off the quote and turn it into a fun shower game by asking guests to match the quote with the appropriate movie.


What else would you serve at a movie-themed baby shower than movie themed treats. You can stick with standard movie theater fare such as hot dogs, candy, and, of course, hot buttered popcorn. But you don’t have to limit yourself to junk food.

There are actually several ways to bring food into the movie theme. You can serve food that is named for movies, characters or situations. So, that avocado dip might become “Glock-amole” for an action-themed party. You might re-christen crab dip as “Kraken Dip” for an Aquaman or DC themed movie party. Another option is to offer food that is discussed in the films themselves. For example, Napoleon Dynamite talks about many different foods such as steak, tots, and bass.


A movie-themed part offers many fun ideas for baby shower games. You can create paper and pencil games, as well as team games all designed around your shower’s favorite movie or genre.

There are several paper and pencil games you can set up for your guests to play. The easiest are matching games. These games work just like the matching questions on all those test you used to take in school. There are two columns. One is numbered, while the other gives each option a letter. Your guests simple match the letter to the number. You can create several different matching games. For example, you might want to match kids to their parents in the movies. So, you might have Jack-Jack in one column, while Mr. Incredible and Elasti-girl are in the other, or Nessie may be waiting to be matched to Bella and Edward. Another fun game to play is matching baby or kid quotes to their famous movies such as “Here’s looking at you kid,” or “Baby, I’m gonna make you love it!” However you wish to celebrate it, by adding a movie theme to your baby shower, you can give your favorite new mom A Night to Remember before She’s Having a Baby.

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