Baby shower party favors

A list of party favor ideas

We all know that as a guest to an event, all you should be hoping for is good company, a few laughs, full tummies and lots of memories. Most host’s now a days want you to leave with a party favor you will remember, one that will serve as a memento of your day celebrating the expectant Mom. There are so many ideas to choose from and themes to work with that it can all seem too overwhelming for the hostess. From indulgent DIYs to adorable ready-made, ingenious ideas, we have got you covered. Get your creative juices flowing with these examples, guaranteed to thrill your guests.

These cute little boxes are sure to have your guests saying ‘awwww’. They are great to fill with small pieces of chocolate, candy or even cookies. They come in either pink or blue. If you have a lot of guests attending, then filling these super tiny boxes won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

If you are entertaining a crowd who love their bubbles then don’t shy away. These party favors will be the hit of the shower and you will be sending home some happy chuggers! They are cute, naughty and convenient all at the same time and will have your guests remembering this day forever.

These would have to top the list as the most ingenious party favor to date. Succulents are the ‘in’ plant at the moment, doubling as beautiful decorations and easy to keep alive flora, you can’t go wrong. These come as ‘mini’ that your guests will love to take home but you can also have them sitting out as decoration throughout your shower. Winning!

If you are wanting to stick to the theme of ‘homemade’ then these teeny, tiny party favors are the perfect gift. Most baby showers have women only guests and if your shower is no exception, sending home all the lovely ladies with these homemade chapsticks will surely be a hit.

Whether it be blue for boy, pink for girls, or both! Send your guests home with these cute football shaped soaps. Lots of variety to choose from and oh so cute!

Take ‘bun in the oven’ to a whole new level with these shower favors. There’s four oven colors to choose from and they can even come with a cinnamon bun scented candle for good measure!

If you want to send your guests away with a cute, baby themed, sweet treat then look no further. These custom made jars, featuring pink or blue chocolates are the perfect treat!

Coming back to the idea of bubbles, this one is a pop! Purchase these champagne labels to attach to any bottle of your choosing and watch your guests leave with a smile!

Indulge your guests with these cute, fragrant, baby shower bath bombs! There’s lots of fragrances to choose from and if you decide to buy them in bulk then they double as a beautiful smelling decoration for your baby shower gift table!

If you decide to send your guests off with a non-alcoholic themed favor, because let’s face it, if you can’t drink for 9+ months then why be the only one missing out! These adorable tea bag’s containing any tea leaves or bags of your choice are the perfect take home favor.

If you are all for the neutral themed baby shower then popping one or two of these cute elephant cookies in a bag for your guests to munch on, on their way home, is a great idea.

This list is just a few ideas to get you started. Either pick one from here, personalize it how you wish or hit the drawing board. Whatever favor you choose be sure to wow your guests and keep them talking about your shower all the way home!