Baby shower food ideas

Finger foods for your baby shower

The list is long when it comes to planning a baby shower. Invitations, decorations, games, gifts, guests, cake and of course the food! Feeding your baby shower attendees may be the hardest job on the list as there are always dietary requirements to consider, possible allergies, along with deciding which sweet and savoury dishes to choose from. Sticking to the theme of your baby shower is another thing you may want to consider when deciding on what nibbles to provide your guests. It can all start to sound overwhelming but don’t throw in the towel just yet, we have put together some finger food ideas that are small, cute, easy and oh so tasty. Just remember before choosing any dishes that you have asked your guests, on the invitations, if there are any allergies or dietary requirements you may need to consider. You want everyone to be leaving with satisfyingly, full (pregnant looking) bellies!

Savoury Dishes

You can never go wrong with sausage rolls, they are always a crowd pleaser, be it young or old. These caramelised onion and beef mini sausages rolls will have everyone going back for more! If you don’t want to feel like your hosting a footy party, simply sprinkle these rolls with pistachio dukkah and serve with fancy tomato chutney. Wala!

Caramelised onion and beef sausage rolls

Finger food is exactly that; food you can eat with your fingers! You want your guests to be able to sit or stand, chat or giggle while leaving with full bellies! Another great dish you can add to your finger food menu are these Bulgogi pork with pineapple buns! Need we say anymore?

Bulgogi pork with pineapple buns

If you have children attending your shower, then these next two dishes are a must! Who doesn’t want PIZZA and CHIPS. These are your fail safe, crowd pleasers. Yes PLEASE! *remember you can change the pizza ingredients to suit your vegan/vegetarian friends as well.

Meatlovers mini pizzas
Oven-roasted chips

This one might be a little fancy, which goes well with your older ladies attending the (grand)baby shower. These savoury tarts are neat, mess free, and the perfect tummy filler.

Smoked salmon, avocado and herb tarts

These tiny pork dumplings are sure to be a hit with your attendees! They are cute, simple, mouth-watering and super delicious. You can even make vegetarian dumplings as well! Check it out.

Mr Shum's dumplings
Vegetarian dumplings

Mini ham and cheese quiches are a must! Whenever you think of mini and finger food or even just brunch, quiches come to mind! Super easy and always loved.

Mini ham and cheese quiches

Finger food wouldn’t be finger food without your staple sandwiches! Everyone expects to be able to get their hands on a yummy, teeny tiny sandwich while attending a baby shower. So make sure you don’t leave out the most important savoury dish. Here’s a few awesome ones to choose from.

Cucumber sandwiches with lemon herb butter
Roast beef and watercress sandwiches
Finger sandwiches

Sweet Dishes

Desserts are always the best ending to any event (next to the cake of course) so choosing yummy, cute and oh so satisfying desserts is always an important part of your planning. Here are a few cute, finger food style desserts that will not only taste super yummy but look super cute on a table setting. Here’s a cheeky “adult” pudding to have on hand for all the older Mom’s, Grandma’s to enjoy.

Fruit salad shots

To enjoy after your savoury tarts, these cute, tiny raspberry and custard tartlets would go down a treat!

Raspberry and custard tartlets

Everyone loves a pavlova, the fresh cream, tangy fruits and melt in your mouth meringue. So don’t you dare skip these from the menu!

Mini pavlovas

Don’t forget your classics, like these mini baked cheesecakes. It’s a must have.

Mini baked cheesecakes

If you have the time and want to test your baking skills, then here’s a donut recipe just for you. The best thing about this is that you can ice your homemade donuts however you like. Blue for boy? Pretty Pink for girl or Blue and Pink to keep people guessing, the choice is yours.

Mini iced-doughnuts

Lastly, here’s a fun dessert that you can double as decoration on your dessert table. Cake pops! Such a hit at all the kid’s birthday parties at the moment, as it’s a bite size cake! Here’s the recipe to get you started but remember this is another treat you can decorate to suit your shower.

Disco-ball cake pops

Don’t forget to ask your guests about their dietary requirements and allergies as you don’t want anyone leaving hungry! Full tummies are happy tummies!