How to announce your baby shower gift registry

How to tell your friends and family about your baby shower gift registry

Whether you are an incredibly organised or very particular Mom, when it comes to the things you will need for your baby, having to ask for specific gifts for your baby shower can be a tricky topic to navigate. A baby shower registry is designed to help your guests choose a gift that they are certain you will need or want. It helps to remove any awkward conversations about what to bring as a gift and leaves your attendees knowing that their purchase was wanted and needed by Mom.

Putting together your wish list of gifts is the easy part. The tricky bit is how to tell your friends and family that you have a registry that you would like them to purchase from.

The best place to start is by announcing your registry on an insert with your baby shower invitations. You only need to give a gentle notice by writing where your registry is online. For example “Caitlin's registry is at Tiny Know baby gift registry”, or “You can find Caitlin’s registry at”.

If you are choosing to do your invitations electronically, then it’s just as simple as sending the link of your registry along with your invitation either to their facebook or email.

Don’t forget to make sure your baby shower hostess knows where you are registered as she will likely be the go to girl when it comes to your attendees asking any questions in regards to the shower or gifts.

Here is a list of examples of gift registry inserts but remember you can always make your own or word it anyway you wish.