Letting family and friends know the gender of your baby is a fun way to include them on this wonderous journey you’re taking. But sometimes, with far-flung loved ones, it can be hard to get everyone together. Do you know what gets everyone together? Holidays. So, it can be easier to deliver your big news while everyone is already on town. Here are some fun holiday themes to help you announce your baby’s gender in style.

Before planning any gender reveal, make sure that you have a trusted friend to gather the proper information, without spilling the beans! Discuss with your friend exactly how you want to reveal your baby’s gender. Choose a method that not only works for your party, but also your party space. For example, gender smoke bombs can be a lot of fun, but they won’t work if you’re having your party indoors. Toward that end, make sure that if you are planning an outdoor reveal you have an indoor alternative, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.


Will it be a Booooo-y or a Ghoul? That’s the questions all your guests will be asking as they arrive in costume for your baby bash. You can set the funny and frightful tone with your invitations. The gender reveal can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

For a simple option, have your trusted friend cut the top and clean a medium sized pumpkin, leaving the rest of the pumpkin intact. Then the friend can write the gender on a paper banner and hang it from the inside of the lid of the pumpkin. At the right time, the parents can lift the lid together announcing to the world the gender of the new baby.

Another alternative to this option is the “pregnant” pumpkin. Simply cut and clean a large pumpkin, leaving the skin intact. Have your trusted friend paint a tiny pumpkin either pink or blue and place it inside the larger one. At the right time, the parents can lift the pumpkin lid and “deliver” the good news.

For an outdoor gender reveal, carve a pumpkin in the traditional jack-o-lantern style. Before the party, have your trusted friend order a gender reveal smoke bomb. At the party, take the jack-o-lantern outside and have the friend place the smoke bomb inside. At the proper time, the parents light the smoke bomb and the jack-o-lantern reveals the gender.

To announce who you be a “Mummy” to, ask your trusted friend to wrap a small doll in either pink or blue cloth. Then wrap the “clothed” doll in strips of fabric until all the colored fabric is covered and the doll resembles a tiny mummy. At the reveal, the parents unwrap their “mummy” and reveal the gender of their child.


“Waddle it Be?” Thanksgiving is a great time to reveal the gender at family gatherings. You can make the reveal part of the big meal. Or, wait until the turkey-coma hits and get everyone up and moving again.

There are several ways to announce the gender of your baby. First, you can dye whipped topping pink and blue to allow the guests to “vote” which they think the baby will be. Then you can have your trusted friend make a very special pumpkin pie. Simply have him or her lay a layer of candy melts on the bottom of a raw pie shell. Then, ask the trusted cook to pour pumpkin pie filling over the color, hiding it from view. When the parents cut into this very special pumpkin pie, they will see a pink or blue stripe at the bottom of their slice. If you have the time, and the space, you can get everyone involved with a game of darts. Simply have your trusted friend write “He” or “She” on a large piece of foam-core board and then cover the words with balloons taped firmly in place. When the time is right, move your guests so that they are six to eight feet from the target. As each guest steps up, hand them a dart, and ask them to throw it at the board to pop a balloon. As each balloon pops, the guests get a little clue on what the baby will be.

Another fun way to get everyone involved is to ask your trusted friend to purchase either pink or blue silly string. Ask the friend to remove the lid and anything on the package that indicates the color inside. Then cover the can with a new label that asks, “Waddle it be?” At the appointed time, everyone can press their buttons announcing to the world the gender of the baby.

Valentine’s Day

Nothing says love like sharing the joy of a new baby. You don’t have to keep your guests guessing what your little sweetheart will be, a he or a she. There are so many fun ways to celebrate the day.

You can hide the information in plain sight. Simply order custom conversation hearts. You can order pink hearts that say, “It’s a girl,” or blue with “It’s a boy.” Then mix them in with regular hearts in candy dishes strewn about the room. Wait until a guest actually spots the information. Maybe have a little prize ready when that happens. This would be a fun way to share the news if the parents already know. But, if Mom has her heart set on a grand surprise, there are other ways to celebrate.

Another sweet reveal is with chocolate-dipped strawberries. Simply have your trusted friend dip the strawberries in either pink or blue candy melts first. Then chill the berries and dip them in dark chocolate. When the time is right, hand out the berries and ask them to all bite in at the same time to discover the truth for themselves. If there are strawberry allergies, consider pink or blue cake pops that are dipped in dark or white chocolate for the same effect.

Holiday Baby Showers

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To Reveal, or Not to Reveal

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