What is a baby shower without games? Not much fun! While there are dozens of party games you can order, so can every other person hosting a baby shower. Instead of offering your guests the same old games, why not explore some of these Do-it-yourself games. Many of them don’t just entertain, but they can help the new parents gather the items they will need for their new little bundle of joy.

Make Your Own Baby

This is a fun game for future parents, and work’s especially well for mothers who are still early in their pregnancy, since the clay babies are about the size of a six to eight week old fetus. All you need for supplies are paper cupcake holders and clay. You can purchase small cans of children’s dough or make your own. Give each guest a small ball of dough, about a quarter of a cup, or a small can of their own pre-made dough. Ask each guest to mold their own baby and place them in the “cradle” of a cupcake holder. When every baby has been put to bed, go around and ask people to vote on different types of babies: prettiest, oddest, fattest, flattest, whatever you want. Hand out ribbons to each of the sculptors.

What’s in the Bag?

Take a diaper bag and put a wide range of baby objects inside. Include things that the parents will need in the months ahead. Some should be logical and easy to recognize such as diapers, nose bulbs and baby bottles. But be sure to include things that are a little less common such as nursing pads, boo boo buddies and diaper cream. Use your imagination and put about a dozen items in the bag. When everyone is seated, pass around paper and pencils and give each guest a chance to feel around in the bag. The guest then writes down what she, or he thinks might be in the bag. Encourage the guests to keep their guesses to themselves. The guest that has the most correct guesses wins a prize and the new parents get the bag with its contents for the baby.

Bobbing for Bottles

Yes, it’s just what it sounds like. However, instead of bobbing for apples, your guests will be bobbing for baby bottles. Fill a kiddie pool, or a large tub with water and float a dozen or so small, newborn baby bottles. If you want to make it a little easier, fill them about quarter full of water so that the weight of the bottle and fluid will keep the nipple upright as the bottle floats. Encourage your guests to take turns trying to grab one of the bobbing bottles with their teeth. If you really want to reward your guests, fill the bottles partially full of punch or your favorite adult beverage and let them imbibe those bottles they have won.

Baby Art

Like the baby sculpture, this is another game that can unleash your guest’s inner artist. For this game, pass out paper plates and crayons. Use the cheapest paper plates you can find, since those with slick shiny coating are hard to use. When you are ready to play, tell each guest that they will be drawing a baby. Hand out the crayons and paper plates. Start by holding the paper plat on top of your own head to demonstrate. Then encourage your guests to draw their very best baby on their own plates on the top of their heads. When they are done, be sure to have each guest sign their “work of art” before hanging them in a prominent place.

Blindfold Builders

For this game you will need the small wooden blocks that have raised letters on the side and two blindfolds. Split the blocks into two stacks, but make sure that each stack has the letter “A,” two letter “B” and a letter “Y.” Choose two guests to start. Ask them to each don a blindfold. When they can no longer see, mix up the blocks in front of them. Ask them to build a tower that spells out the word “Baby” and uses all the blocks. The first player to do that wins.

Guess the Food

This can be a fun way to explore the baby-to-be’s culinary options. For this game you will need a quantity of plastic spoons and seven or eight baby food jars. Be sure to choose a variety of flavors, mixing fruits, veggies and meats. Have some that are single items, such as strained peas, with others that are mixtures such as chicken and pears. Some will be more palatable to adults than others. Before the party, tape a number to the bottom of the jar and record the flavor next to each number on a master sheet. Then remove all the labels. During the party, place all the baby jars on a tray and hand out enough plastic spoons so that each guest has a different plastic spoon for each jar. Hand out a sheet of paper, numbered like the jars. Let each guest dip a fresh plastic spoon into each jar and taste it for themselves. Then, have them write down what they think the contents might be. The guest that gets the most correct wins the game.


While some hostesses choose gifts designed for the new mother. Then the winners are expected to give the gifts to the Mom-to-be. This can be a lovely way to add to the mother’s haul, but it isn’t as much fun for the guests. The Mom will get enough through gifts and games. So, make sure that you have little gifts for the guests to win that they can take home as a reminder of the party. If all your guests are women, that can make it easier. Look at purchasing little gifts such as nail polish or candles. Also think about prizes that reflect the season of the shower. For example, if you are hosting a shower in December, consider handing out ornaments for prizes. If it’s a summer shower, stock up on silly inflatable pool items.

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