Baby Shower Decorations

Baby shower decoration ideas

If you’re planning a baby shower, you know that there are many things involved. You need guests. You need food and you need a Mom about to give birth.

The fact is, you don’t need decorations. Plenty of women are perfectly happy with a baby shower that has nothing more than a nice bouquet of flowers on the table. Having said that, pictures of your baby shower will probably end up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. So, decorations might make those pictures look better. And, of course, it’s always lovely when you do such a great job that a guest tweets your table setting, your decorations, or any of your handiwork.

To help you make your decoration decisions, you need to think about what will make the Mom-to-be most comfortable and feel celebrated. Toward that end, take these issues into consideration.

Types of Decorations

When thinking about decorations, consider where to decorate. There are four major areas: the entrance, the table, the gift table and a Mother’s throne. The entrance to your shower is the first thing your guest will see and sets the theme for your experience. So, it’s important to choose carefully. If you are holding the event in a home, you might extend the decorations outside to make the house easier to spot. The table is another major decorating area. Whether it is a serving table, or you are holding a sit-down meal, it’s important to consider the ambiance for your guests while they eat.

The gift table, or gift area can carry your decorative talents throughout the party. It is often related to a special chair, or throne, for the Mother-to-be. The chair should be comfortable for someone who is sitting for two and have arms. A chair with arms is easier to manage for a woman who has a [person sitting on her bladder.


When considering how to decorate, there are several aspects to look at. First of all, think about the guests, including the Mom. For example, you might want to have the shower in a home but spread out the festivities to the lawn. That might be great, unless the Mom’s 90-year-old grandmother is attending in her walker or wheelchair. Then steps or uneven ground might pose a hazard. Nothing says “disaster at the shower” like a broken hip.

Make sure that there is enough room for all of the guests, gifts and food before you take up any valuable real estate with decorations. In addition, think about keeping the decorations understated enough to stay out of the way of traffic and food. Ostrich plumes or pampas grass may look lovely on the table. But both can drag into the food. In the same way, balloons are always fun, but if you have so many that they start to knock into people as they lose their air.

The status of your venue may also affect your decorations. For example, if you are having a shower for a co-worker in a conference room, you may want to choose simpler, more understated decorations than if you are having it in your home. In a work setting, it may be awkward to have decorations featuring naked babies or diapers.

Finally, do consider how long it will take to set up and remove the decorations from your venue. If you are renting a space, such as a banquet room, your access to that room will be limited. So plan decorations that are easy to put up and remove.

Your Talents

Let’s face it, there are probably a million videos and step-by-step videos on how to do make everything from banners and centerpieces to photo booth props and diaper cakes. Unfortunately, there are probably a million and one shots of DIY fails. It is vital to take your own talents and abilities into consideration.

That is not to say you shouldn’t stretch and try something new. But, let’s face it, if you have never been able to draw, and you don’t practice that skill, there is no reason to believe that you can draw a six-foot dragon freehand. It doesn’t matter how easy the person online made it look. That’s why God gave us clip art.

But on the other hand, there are some things, that with a little practice and care, you can probably do. For example, rolling up diapers and wrapping them with rubber bands to make a diaper cake is probably something most people can work on, even if the first roll or two are a little sloppy.


If you are planning the shower alone, then the issue of a theme is totally under your control. However, if you’re part of a group planning the shower, you may have to do some negotiating. Food, invitations and decorations should all coordinate thematically to give your guests a more satisfying experience. For example, you can use images from the invitations to create banners, food picks or place cards. You can use color to coordinate plates and cups with swags and ribbons.

Even if you aren’t a fan of matchy-matchy, your theme can play out across the shower. Choose one that opens up your party. You might choose a theme such as a Luau, a winter wonderland, or a flower bower. Food, invitations and decorations can all coordinate under this single thematic banner.

Dual Duty Decorations

When choosing your decorations, think about a look that will be more than just trash when the party’s over. After all, recycling is wonderful, but why spend the time, money and effort on something that will be tossed after the party.

Instead, think about decorations that will help the Mom on the day and for days to come. These dual duty decorations may range from something as simple and helpful as a clothesline banner featuring baby clothes to something as complex and long-lasting as a diaper wreath or diaper cake. Think about using the Mom’s choice of baby bottles to hold flowers on the table, then wash them and present them to her.

Ultimately, it is simple, thoughtful choices that you make while planning your decorations that will show your favorite Mom-to-be that you care.

Your baby shower planning is well underway! You have your guest list together and are starting to tick off all the important things that come with the planning and execution of a successful baby shower. Decorations may begin to play on your mind, as you start to picture what you want your shower to look like on the special day. If you are yet to decide on the theme that you want to work with or what must have, decorations are needed, then check out the list we have provided for you. It may help to spark an idea, ignite your DIY skills or simply make your decision process easier. Whatever it is, surely this list of decoration ideas will help you on your way.

DIY Baby Shower Decorations

Last I heard, Martha Stewart was sorry, but she just wasn’t available to plan the perfect shower decorations for your baby shower. Yeah, I was bummed too.

Thankfully, you don’t have to run a decorating empire to design and make your own shower decorations that will thrill any mom-to-be. Consider decorations that do double duty. Maybe create a backdrop that doubles as a fun shower game or make a bunting or centerpiece that the new mom can bring home for baby.

Diaper Cake

It’s an oldie, but a goodie: The centerpiece diaper cake. It’s pretty and useful, and it’s simple to make. There are plenty on tutorials, but you probably don’t need one. What you will need are lots of newborn diapers, rubber bands, ribbon, chopsticks, and lots of little toys and baby gadgets to decorate your “cake.”

Start by rolling up all the diapers. Begin on the tab end of the diaper and roll toward the fold. Use the rubber band to secure each diaper roll. When you have rolled all the diapers you can begin to assemble the layers of your cake. Stand several rolls together and wrap a larger rubber band to hold the cake “layer” together. Create three cake layers, each one slightly smaller than the one before.

To assemble the cake, wrap each layer with ribbon to hide the rubber bands. If you use a glue gun, be sure to keep the glue off the diapers to make sure that they will remain usable to the new mother. Stack the layers and push two chopsticks down through the layers to hold them steady. Decorate the cake with smaller items such as a pacifier, sock roses, stuffed toys, and other such items.

Sock Roses

Like the cake, these are lovely ways to make something useful into a beautiful decoration for the baby shower. You can use socks for either gender. Like the diaper cake, there are plenty of online tutorials if you are a visual learner.

Start by separating the socks. Each sock will make a single rose. Beginning at the toe, roll the sock toward the opening. Stop rolling about an inch from the opening. Flip the open edge up over the bottom of the “rose” and arrange the roll inside to resemble a flower.

Tie the “stem” of the rose to ribbon or press the roses into the diaper cake or a wreath. You can also tie a dozen blossoms to chopsticks and arrange the “flowers” in a vase.

Clothes Line Bunting

Creating a bunting is an easy way to spread the shower motif through the rooms of your party. Simply ask your guests to bring a small clothing item along with their gift or purchase a variety of baby clothes and items. Hang a string across the area you wish to decorate. If the wall is narrow, consider crisscrossing the string from one side of the wall to the other.

Gather a number of small clothespins and paint them to match your décor for the shower. If you wish, embellish the pins with little bows, animals or other small decorations. Pin the clothing to the line for the party. Then remove the clothes, presenting them to the new mother for her child to wear.

Advice Wall

Whenever two or more mothers are gathered, you will hear advice. But, with all the talk of the shower, most new moms are overwhelmed, and few will remember the advice when they need it. Make the most of your knowledge base by setting your motherly advice is stone. Or at least on card stock.

Before the shower, cut a series of shapes out of card stock. If you are using a special shape in your shower décor such as a stork, or a baby buggy, then use that shape. Otherwise, just choose something that will please you. Decorate a number of clothes pins to match the décor of your shower as well.

The day of the party string a line across one wall of the baby shower space. As each guest arrives, ask her to write her best advice to the new mother on the card and sign her name. If she doesn’t have any good advice, then ask her to share her hopes for mother and child.

As each guest finishes, pin the advice to the line. At the end of the party, gather the ad vice and give it to the Mom to peruse at her leisure. Who’s That Baby?

Turn your décor into a fun baby shower game. Before the shower, ask your guests to send you a digital file of themselves as a baby. Add numbers to the pictures and print them out. Hang the pictures on a line strung across a wall you wish to decorate.

As guests arrive, give each a paper with numbers that correspond to the numbers on the pictures. Ask your guests to guess which baby goes with which guest.

“Shower”-ing the Mom

Create a special throne for your Mom-to-be that shows your desire to shower her with love and good wishes. Slide your most comfortable chair into a convenient position. This should be where the Mom can see all the guests, and the guests can see her open gifts.

Over the chair, place a special decoration. Open an appropriately colored umbrella and hang it from the ceiling over the chair. Cut a series of tear-drop shaped papers in a variety of sizes. On each of the shapes, write a note of love, or good wishes for mother and child. With a hot glue gun, glue the notes to clear fishing line and tie each string of notes to different ribs of the umbrella. Arrange the drops so that it looks as though your Mom-to-be is being showered by love and good wishes.

With a little craftiness and a lot of fun, you can make your baby shower a personal sign of your hopes for your favorite Mom-to-be.

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