A new baby is holding the future in your hands. Celebrate the future by honoring the past in a Time Themed Baby Shower. This type of shower would work well for a multi-generational baby shower or a New Year’s Baby.

You can choose the best of vintage food, drink, and decorations to ground your baby shower. Think about a wide range of vintage items to include on the baby shower invitations. You can also create a Time Capsule of the day to present to the Mom as a thoughtful gift for the baby’s future.


There are several fun ways to announce your shower through your baby shower invitations. You can design your baby shower invitation to look like a newspaper, announcing the birth of a brand-new human being. Add headlines ripped from current positive news. Another option is to add pictures of fashion, toys or inventions from different eras around the border of the card with all the pertinent party facts in the center.

Regardless of your invitation design, be sure to include specifications for the time capsule you are making for the baby. You might create a card with predictions for the baby such as what job she may hold or how tall he will be. Include world facts such as how much a car might cost, or who the president might be. Add a request for each guest to add how they know the parents, and a memorable incident they share. Ask each guest to fill out the card and bring it to the shower to slip into the time capsule. You may also ask each guest to bring a picture of themselves with the parent or a recent newspaper headline that they think is important. It can come from a newspaper or be a digital print out.


Use the theme of time to pull the decorations together. You can print out festive numbers for different era’s and scatter them around the party space. Add pictures of significant historical figures and events such as Woodstock, Olympic games or President Obama. Add vintage toys and other pieces to flesh out your decorations such as Cabbage Patch dolls, antique rattles or old versions of board games. Think about vintage clothing, everything from tie-dyed Grateful dead to button top shoes. Pin some of the pieces on the walls, arrange others to become table centerpieces.

Is one of the parents a music lover? Then focus on bands throughout the ages. You can use album covers, posters, or even pull out all those concert tees you’ve been hoarding to decorate your baby shower. Of course, add a playlist that features all the bands you show.

Be creative with your vases, everything from old Ball mason jars or carnival glass to water bottles featuring early Star Wars characters make lovely vases. Serve your food on an eclectic set of dishes that spans from cobalt plates and bowls through china pieces to modern square or rectangular plates.


This is where you can really shine. Add a personal touch by making all those traditional foods you’re your Mom-to-be loves or asking guests to include their favorite family recipes from “way back when.” Make the food and add the family story behind each dish. You can print out extra sets of the recipe cards and put them on a ring to hand out as favors at the end of the baby shower.

While many savory foods haven’t changed significantly throughout the years, snacks, desserts and soft drinks sure have. There are shops that specialize in vintage and regional treats. Use them to stock your baby shower with these special treats. Arrange them with their proper decade, offering treats from the fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond. If you can’t find that special vintage soda pop, look for vintage bottles, or glasses that you can use to serve the closest modern equivalent.


There are many ways to include your guests in the fun of a time themed baby shower. If you choose to use pictures, album covers or other visuals for decorations, add letters or numbers in the lower corner. When it comes time to play games, simply give each guest a paper and pencil and ask them to list the pictures in order from oldest to newest. Did Woodstock come before or after Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Or, if your guests aren’t history buffs, give them a paper with the era’s already listed and ask your guest to place each picture in its proper decade.

If you don’t use pictures, you can always download pictures of vintage toys and games. Cut the pictures apart and place them in envelopes for each guest, or, for more fun, each team of guests. Give each group a glue stick and a piece of paper with different decades and ask the guests to place each toy in either the decade it was introduced, or the decade that it was most popular.

Another fun game is to play “The Price is Right, Baby edition.” You can look up a variety of baby items available at different times. Then you can create a game paper by listing each item and asking your guests to figure out how much each item cost in the designated era. So how much would a baby bottle cost in 1920? How much for a car seat in 1960? The person who guesses the most correctly wins.

Time Capsule

This item can really make your baby shower shine. You can purchase a manufactured time capsule tin, but it might be more fun and personal to make one for the new baby. Simply purchase a large wooden, metal, or paper mache box. You can cover the outside with current newspaper headlines or magazine covers. Stencil on the child’s name on the front or top as well as the date it should be opened. You can simply write something like “To be opened on Christian’s eighteenth birthday.” Or you can calculate the date by adding 18, 21 or 25 to the current year, depending on when you want the child to open the box.

Besides asking for the predictions and items from each guest, ask them to write a message of love and support to add to the box. By celebrating the present with a time capsule, you will be protecting the child’s future and sending messages of love that reach through time.

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