The Best Books to Gift at a Baby Shower

The Top Ten Books to give, with sample inscriptions

More and more new parents are asking shower guests to bring books instead of cards. This makes a lot of sense, since those cute baby cards can cost a pretty penny. But what do parents do with them after the party? In a best-case scenario, Mom puts the cards in the baby’s album. But, honestly, how often does anyone look at those albums? For the cost of one of those pricey cards, guests can purchase a book that the child can read for years, possibly even passing the book on to their own child. Are you worried that you don’t know what’s “hot” in the children’s market? Don’t worry about it. The good news is, you aren’t limited to “baby” books or even picture books. You can build a new baby’s library with children’s novels that the parent can read, and the child can enjoy as she grows. You can give the classic books that you loved, creating a bond between you and the child in the process. Here are a few suggestions, just in case you haven’t read a kid’s book lately.