When it comes right down to it, baby showers aren’t really for the baby. In fact, the baby usually doesn’t attend. No, the shower is for the parents. It’s designed to celebrate the new baby and get them ready with things they need. Let’s face it, not every parent-to-be loves pastel colors and carnival themes. Some Moms and Dads are proud fans of a variety of pop culture movements from books, TV and the movies. Why not plan your baby shower around some of your mom-to-be’s favorite things

Baby Is Coming

Game of Thrones is a world-wide phenomenon. It makes a great way to celebrate a phenomenal Mom or Dad. Creating baby shower invitations can be simple with the wide range of GoT fonts that are available for free online. Choose the house your parent identifies with and add their sigil to the top of the invitation, along with all the pertinent information, including whether, or not, you want guests to arrive in costume.

Decorations can be very easy. Create your own weirwood by spray painting thick branches white and adding bright orange tissue paper “leaves.” Don’t forget, your baby shower decorations can be so much more than just fun and attractive. They can actually be helpful to the new parents. Why not build your own “Iron Throne” out of packages of diapers? Simply build a chair, and duct tape the packages together, so they don’t slide. Be sure to lay the packages on their side for the arms of the chair. Spray paint a sheet with black and grey pain to give it a weathered metal look and use this to cover the chair. Cut swords out of poster or foam core board and paint them the same way. Hang the swords on a wall and place the “throne” in front of it so that your guest of honor can rule over the baby shower. After the party, give the parent the diaper packs to help get them ready for the baby. Be sure to get a wide range of sizes so that they are ready for anything.

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Thankfully, the same is not true for playing the Game of Baby Shower. There are lots of fun games that you can play with your guests. First of all, you can split your guest list into different houses, awarding points for any member that wins. The house that takes it all can be immortalized in a picture for the thank you notes. Send a raven with your predictions for the baby. Simply prepare tiny slips with spaces for the date, length, weight and gender (if unknown) of the baby. When guests have filled them out, they can tape them to small raven cutouts along one wall. You can also create a “Mad Libs” style game with dialogue from the program. Leave out a variety of nouns, verbs and adjectives and ask your guests to supply baby-related words.

When it comes to food, there are a wide range of fun ways to bring GoT into your menu. Why not re-lable water bottles with names of beverages from the show or serve punch in plastic goblets from a party store. If your parent’s have gorier tastes or a whacky sense of humor, consider such fun items as chocolate truffles decorated as heads that are served on a spike. There are also plenty of egg-shaped molds available for cakes and candies that can easily be turned into dragon’s eggs. This can be a great item for guests to take home.

A New Hope

There is no movie franchise more beloved by proud members of the nerd herd than Star Wars. So, whether your parents are expecting a new Jedi padawan or princess, you can celebrate them in a galactic way. Start with the invitations. It’s really one of the best ideas to start your party the way the original movie started: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” But you may want to change it to fit the circumstances. Think about something along the lines of: “Eight months ago in a house not too far from here…” After you add the pertinent facts, like the GoT party, consider whether or not you want guests to come in costume. While there are a lot of Star Wars decorations out there, you don’t have to limit yourself to off-the-shelf backdrops of stars and planets. Instead, use your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind party. Does your Mom love Padme’s palace? Create the serene look with a Spanish-style look with balustrades and a throne fit for an expectant queen. Got a Dad who loves the Cantina? You can take your home bar to Tatooine with a run to the hardware store for tubes and pipes behind the bar and plenty of stick-on up lighting. But, you also want to be helpful to the new parents. So, why not take the same skills needed to build a diaper cake and build a diaper R2D2. Simply roll a bunch of diapers and secure them with rubber bands. Choose an inexpensive white plastic bowl that is the right size for the top of the droid you want to make. Place the rolled diapers next to each other to form a circle the same size as the top of your bowl. Make enough of these layers for the height of your droid. Your numbers will depend on the size of your finished droid and the size diaper you have chosen. Push chopsticks between the diapers to hold them secure as you stack the layers, then place the bowl on top. Wrap the droid in paper or plastic and decorate.

Food is so much fun to plan with a Star Wars theme. Serve your guests “lightsabers” made from rod pretzels dipped in colored white chocolate. Place small cubes of cheese between octagonal crackers and secure them with a toothpick to serve bite-sized tie fighters. And, for a laugh, (or a roll of the eye) you can always serve mini sausages wrapped in dough as “Jar Jar Links in a blanket.”

Whatever you choose, planning a baby shower that fits your favorite parent’s fandom shows them that they are loved.

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