Your baby shower invitation sets the tone for the entire baby shower. You can purchase many different types of custom or mass-produced cards online with prices to fit any budget. But if you’re a DIY-er, you may want to try to make your own cards for that special day. Making your own card adds a special level of personal involvement in the shower.

Whatever cards you make, take the time to knock out some similar cards for thank you notes for the parents. If you can, stamp and address the envelopes and pack them along with a pack of sticky notes for the shower. As your Mom opens the gifts, write the giver and the gift on the sticky note and place it on the appropriate envelope. That makes it easy for the Mom to extend her gratitude for the gifts.

Diaper Card

This beginner-level DIY is makes it easy to set a fun tone with custom invitations. To create a template, simply two corners of a piece of paper toward the center. You should have a rough triangular shape with shorter sides instead of sharp corners. But if you have sharp corners, don’t worry about it. Unfold the paper and cut off the folded pieces. Place the paper on the work surface so that the longest side is the top. Fold the bottom up towards the long side, then fold each of the sides inward. You should see a rough diaper shape. If you don’t like the look of your diaper, no problem, just fold another piece of paper until you get a shape you like.

Measure the area that is completely covered by the folded bottom and sides. This is where you will print your baby shower information. Set the margins on your computer to fit that space, then write your party information on the computer. Print the cards in landscape orientation on card stock. Using your finished template, cut off the triangles and score along the fold lines with a ruler. Fold the bottom, then sides over your words to create a diaper shape in the card stock. Hot glue a colorful diaper pin on one side, then tuck the other side under the pin to hold the “diaper” closed. If you don’t own a hot glue gun, simply pin the two sides together.

Place the diaper card into a larger envelope and mail it to your guests. To create matching thank you cards, simply cut the diaper shape from card stock and leave it blank. This gives your Mom-to-be ample space to write her thank you notes. Glue or pin the diaper pin in place and put the blank thank you card into a stamped and addressed envelope.

Checking Out Baby

Having a book-themed baby shower? Then why not play on that visual with a library-themed invitation. This type of invitation can be especially good for a long-distance shower where people will either be traveling, or supporting the family from afar.

Simply purchase library card pockets at your local craft or office store. There are also templates available online if you can’t find them near you. Then print out a “library card” with the Baby’s name and the date and time of the party. Instead of a “Date Due” add a “Due Date,” to ensure that anyone who can’t attend the shower can get the gift to the parents before the baby is born.

Most pockets are large enough for a second card that you can use to ask guests to bring a book instead of a greeting card for the shower. Place the filled pockets into a slightly larger craft envelope and mail it to your guests.

Make a second set thanking the guests for their gifts. You can leave room for the parents to add a personal note about the gift. Add the


This card is simple and cute as a bug. To create the pattern pieces, you will need either a drawing compass or two round items such as a smooth lid or a plate, one larger than the other. Position the smaller circle so that it overlaps the larger one to create the idea of a ladybug’s back and head. Trace the shape on a piece of cardboard or card stock. This is the base of your invitation. Trace the smaller circle on card stock and cut it in half to create a pattern for the ladybug’s head. Trace the entire larger circle. This will become the ladybug’s wings.

You have two choices on how to add the baby shower information. You can either trace the base onto a piece of paper and measure the area available for printing, then set the margins on your computer. After you have printed out all the cards, simply trace the base and cut it out by hand. Or, if you have a talent for hand lettering, simply cut out all of the bases and hand letter the information on each card.

Cut out the smaller half circle out of black paper and glue it onto the base to create the head of the ladybug. Add googly eyes or draw on eyes with paint pens. Cut the larger circle out of red paper or choose patterned paper such as the type used for scrapbooking. Cut each larger circle in half. Place the corners of each half-circle over each other and punch a hole through both pieces. Attach the wings to the base with a brad through the punched holes and the center of the space where the head meets the body. You should be able to place the wings together to get the look of a ladybug, then move them apart to read the information. Add any spots you wish.

For thank you notes, simply cut two smaller ladybug shapes, one out of white paper and one out of red. Glue the two pieces together at the head and fold the lower body up to give the Mom plenty of room to write her thanks.

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