Sure, the baby shower is a way to ensure that Mom and Dad have everything they need to take care of the new baby. But, honestly, if it was just about stuff, you could just send out a list and have people ship the items to you. Baby showers are about so much more. They are about bonding and celebrating this big change that’s coming. The parents learn who they can count on for support and advice. So, it’s important to have a good mix of ages and stages at the baby shower. You need to be able to entertain everyone from teens to grandmas. You need games that everyone can enjoy. Read on to explore just the games that will work.

Feed the Baby

Who doesn’t love feeding a sweet little baby? They’re so cute. But, when adults try the same thing, it isn’t quite as cute. It’s hysterical! For this game, make several adult bibs. This is easy to do. Just purchase some inexpensive bath towels. Fold the towels in half and cut a hole in the center of one half that is large enough to fit over an adult’s head. Make the bibs in multiples of two. While you are preparing, gather two bandanas or scarves for each bib.

At the shower, ask for volunteers, or choose some good sports ahead of time. Get two teams of players and sit them down across from each other. Place a bib on one of each pair and give the other a small bowl with applesauce and a baby spoon. Tell them that they are going to teach the new mom how to feed her sweet new baby with a race. The first pair to feed the “baby” all the applesauce wins. Tell them that she will learn it’s so easy, they can do it blindfolded. Then blindfold both the “baby” and the “feeder.” When you shout “GO” each pair tries to empty their bowl into the mouth of the “baby.” The first pair to finish wins.

This game is just as much fun for all-female showers as they are for couple’s showers. If you host a couple’s shower, consider switching the pair so that people are not trying to feed their own partner. Be sure to have a little prize, and plenty of wipes, for the winner.

Bobbing for Nipples

This is another fun shower game for couples. For this game you will need several (5 to 7) large buckets, water, and several dozen nipples. There are two ways to go with this game. You can either go out and purchase the cheapest possible nipples that you throw away after the shower. Or, if you know what kind of bottles the parents have chosen for their baby, you can purchase a number of those nipples. After the shower, and the game, you can wash the nipples and give them to the parents to use for their baby.

At the shower, line the filled buckets up in an area that wouldn’t be hurt by water. This might be a table, a bench, or a patio. Drop the same number (6 to 10) of nipples in each bucket. Have each player line up behind their bucket and put their hands behind their back. When you shout “GO,” each person sticks their head in the bucket and tries to grab a nipple using only their mouth. The first person to get all of the nipples wins a small prize.

An alternate way to play this game is to use bottles with a small amount of liquid in them to ensure that the nipples remain upright. You can also substitute pacifiers for nipples, since your favorite mom or dad will go through a lot of them too!

Bottle Baby

Another fun game that can help the parents stock up for baby is “Bottle Baby.” Before this game, check with the parents to find out what type of bottle they are using for their baby and purchase one bottle for each of the guests.

At the party, hand out the bottles and ask each guest to fill their bottle with the beverage of their choice. Do have someone check to ensure that all the bottles are full to the same line. Then hand out the collars and nipples, closing the bottle. When everyone is ready, give a countdown and encourage guests to see who can drink their bottle first. Whoever manages to empty their bottle wins a small prize.

But, the real winner are the mom and dad. After the game, collect the bottles and wash them carefully. They now have a large number of backups ready for their baby.

Diaper Baby!

A less altruistic game pits teams of guests against each other. Break your guests up into groups of four to five. Ask each group to choose one person to be the “baby.” Hand out several rolls of toilet paper to each group. Tell them that they are to “diaper” the “Baby.”

There are several ways to play this game. You can simply have a race to see which group covers the “diaper” region of their designated baby. It’s fun and fast and you will have plenty of time for other games.

You can also set up only two teams, and have the rest of the guests watch, or switch teams so that everyone has a chance to be a participant or a witness to the silliness.

Finally, you can turn this contest into a beauty pageant. Split the entire guest list up and separate them into isolated locals within the party area such as bedrooms or bathrooms. Give each group a set amount of time to dress and diaper their baby. When the time is up, all the guests except the “babies” return to the common area. Then the “babies” are paraded out one at a time. The Mom-to-be can choose her favorite, or the guests can vote. Either way, make sure that each of the “babies” get a small gift for being a good sport.

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