Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

The best gifts you can get for a baby shower, for a girl

You may have a sorority sister who is expecting her first little girl. Or maybe it’s your first niece or granddaughter. Possibly it’s the neighbor down the street or across the hall. You want to celebrate this new little life but may feel unsure exactly how to do it. These are different times. Sugar and spice and everything nice doesn’t go that far when you have a baby girl in the house. While gender neutrality works beautifully for some items, many parents still love to shower their little princess with frilly gifts. But that’s not the only way to celebrate your little girl. More and more parents are celebrating girl power from infancy, letting their little girl know that there’s nothing she can’t do. This gift list contains everything you might want for any parent from traditional gifts to pop-culture. Because the songs are all right: Thank heavens for little girls!